NiCHe Materials Limited is a UK Company, operating since 2010 with the specific aim to source hard-to-find / commercially unavailable materials globally. Within 2 years NiCHe Materials had already been approved at 4 of the top 5 Global Catalogue Companies. We supply ‘Not in Catalogue’ (NIC) items and bring decades of sourcing experience to our customers.



Today, we have customers in more than 30 Countries on 3 Continents across 10 different markets.

Our global customers operate in the following markets:

  • Semiconductor/ Printed & Micro Electronics and PhotoVoltaic
  • Microbiology / Diagnostics and Electrophoresis
  • Pharmaceutical  (Contract Development & Contract Manufacturing) / Veterinary and Biopharmaceutical

We supply various high purity chemicals from gm / kg to semi-bulk quantities, depending on the material and all managed by people who know and understand the business.

On-going projects include:

  • ‘Lost Source’ Project for Global Catalogue Company
  • Dual Source Project (Chinese & Indian Sources) for UK Toll Manufacturer
  • Vendor Reduction Programme for UK Pharmaceutical Company
  • Contract Manufacture of various heterocyclic materials for Organic Semiconductor / Printed Electronic Applications
  • High Purity Materials for Indian PhotoVoltaic Applications
  • On-going  Contract Manufacture for Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical / Diagnostic Companies
  • Hazardous Chemicals in solution for EU based Pharmaceutical / Veterinary Customers
  • Source and supply cGMP quality materials for USA / Canadian Customers

In Summary

imagesCAU77J231We have manufacturing partners offering a diverse range of chemistries, in all of the low cost regions, supplying products to our global customers.  If you are searching for novel materials or need an alternative source of material, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

What brings our projects together? The ‘term’ and ‘the team’ at NiCHe Materials.

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