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With temperatures rising in the spring and summer seasons, there are certain chemicals and ingredients that expand and build pressure in closed waste containers. Make sure to avoid mishaps and hazards by following these six tips at

#ChemspecEurope opens tomorrow in Basel. Come and join us at stand E36 where CIA is supporting 14 UK companies. Last years delegates did in excess of £1m in new business following the show. Let’s have more of the same!…

#Vroom 💨 We are industrializing the way automotive #manufacturers make #carbonfiber parts with our double diaphragm forming (DDF) #tech. Learn more about our composite technologies at

Our #fumigation products play an important role in feeding our growing #planet, so they are in line with our #sustainability objectives. 🌏

We provide two premium #fumigation products ECO2FUME® and VAPORPH3OS® which are used to eliminate pests ensuring that finished goods sold to consumers are insect-free.

In 2018, the @US_FDA published regulatory guidance on the classification of #pharmaceutical #cocrystals. Follow the link to this @CKHGlobal article to read insights from Chris Worrall, Technical Sales Manager, on JM's approaches to developing co-crystals:

Did you know that last year over 87% of our sales positively contributed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Read more in our 2019 Annual Report: #AnnualReport

Activate Science is also at the Instituto de Investigacion Biomedica de Galicia, Spain today! #InspireScience

Activate Science is taking place in the foyer at @FeraScience in York today. Our registration team are ready to welcome you. #InspireScience

Africa's status as one of the fastest-growing economic regions in the world has transformed the continent #CPhI

Did you know that among FDA & EMA novel and biosimilar drug approvals in 2018, outsourcing of API production was roughly the same between biologics and small molecules? Get your exclusive insights into the CDMO sector’s biggest opportunities:

Wondering how future aviation sounds like? “When you take off, you get the immediate torque. No noise of the engine, no vibration” says #SI2 aviation pioneer @andreborschberg — Congrats to the @H55aEro team going all in #electricaircraft

Heterogeneous #catalysis is a key tool for the creation of #sustainable #pharmaceuticals. Discover the optimal catalyst using our Heterogeneous Catalyst Sample kit, featuring a range of efficient precious metal catalysts that use a combination of supports:


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