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Businesses around the globe are waking up to the opportunity of the #circulareconomy. But what is it? We support the charity @circulareconomy, visit the new learning hub today to find this answer and more.

Completing the picture looks beyond renewable energy to deliver a reduction of 9.3 Gt #CO2 by 2050 -- the equivalent to the current emissions from all forms of transport globally. #climateaction @circulareconomy

Did you have a look at the latest white paper by @circulareconomy? We are completing the picture: How does #circulareconomy tackle #climateaction? Together we can cut emissions in four key areas by 45% & reach the #ParisAgreement targets.

We are the proud supplier of resin for @Bombardier’s composite wing, which helps to reduce the environmental impact of @Airbus A220 #aircraft. Image Ⓒ Airbus

We had the pleasure of welcoming over 50 partners, from 13 APAC countries to our Singaporean site for a two-day workshop to fully experience our #PersonalCare solutions through test, touch and feel!

When our partners recommend our solutions they can confidently say that it has been tested and approved ✔️! #PersonalCare #HomeCare

Switching to renewable energy will lead to a 55% reduction in #CO2 emissions worldwide, but what about the remaining 45%? We are rethinking the way we make & use products, while developing circular business models. @circulareconomy #climateaction

Our goal is to create a truly inclusive work culture that fosters engagement and development within a diverse and global workforce. #ComingOutDay

It’ll take more than transitioning to renewable energy sources alone to solve the climate crisis. To achieve the 1.5-degree climate target, we need to rethink the way we make and use materials and products. @circulareconomy #ClimateAction

Want to know what's new in the world of colour cosmetics? Our latest trends presentation has some fun and inspiring concepts that can't be missed! #colourcosmetics #makeup

#NEWS @CompositesWorld experienced our new APC facility firsthand! This new facility quadrupled our thermoplastic composite tape production capacity strengthening our bond with the #aerospace industry. Read more about our #nextgen solutions ✈️


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