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Solvay knows that every drop matters. 💦 Our new lithium mining method selectively extracts the lithium, and then returns the water to its original environment, saving billions of liters of water. @ICMM_com #WorldWaterDay

Merci de nous rejoindre @OChastel et @ph_lamberts pour discuter de la governance européenne, défis sociétaux, et problématiques environementales. Nous sommes ravis d'en discuter à cette période cruciale, pendant les élections qui vont déterminer le futur de l'Europe.…

Who knew these facts about #iridium ? Check out our Instagram page for more #FridayFacts on the elements of the periodic table. #IYPT2019…

CPhI & P-MEC China represents a great chance to do business and meet industry leaders. Get your ticket today -

We've launched an automatically regenerating diesel particulate filter system for stationary diesel engines. The technology means that emergency generators are able to deliver clean energy whenever needed, without depending on a filter monitoring system.

In summer or in winter our urban partnership with Grenoble Alpes Metropolis creates a virtuous cycle of #Energy! #2030Agenda #EnergySaving

By connecting our #Energy plant to the Grenoble urban heating network through a 3 km-long pipeline, we can help boost the city’s heating capacity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is a new step in our fight against climate change. #ClimateChange #ActForClimate

Pascal Chalvon Demersay, head of Solvay Sustainable development & Energy, kicked of the #opening ceremony of the connection of Solvay Energy plant to the urban heating network of Grenoble city, France. [2/2] #EnergyEfficient #ClimateChange

Today we celebrated the opening of the connection between Solvay Energy plant in Pont de Claix and the urban heating network of the Grenoble city. [1/2] #openingceremony #EnergySaving#EnergyEfficient

Our colleagues in Illkirch, France, held an Afterwork Carnival to raise money for @vue_densemble, which helps the blind, visually impaired people of all ages and from all walks of life. #InspireScience

The last speaker at today’s SCS RDG North’s conference is Floriana Vincis (Global Claims Integrity Manager, Walgreens Boots Alliance-Global Brands) Personalised beauty is here: bespoke claims to meet your needs. Discusses the Confusion & increasing Popularity of Certified beauty

Can you imagine there is a car that can run continuously without using a drop of fuel? Meet Sion, a solar-powered car by @SonoMotors #solarenergy #EV #automotive

At SCS RDG North conference, Will Grimwade Analyst, PERSONALIZATION: WHERE ARE WE NOW AND WHERE IS IT HEADING? Will shows how Personalization has become a highly influential trend across the consumer landscape. Consumers define themselves by Lifestyle


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