Melting Solutions design, manufacture and repair melting and heating equipment for a wide variety of industrial applications. With applications utilising either gas fired, oil fired or electrical induction heating systems, Melting Solutions can offer innovative designs and equipment tailored to the customer’s needs.

With over 30 years of technical expertise Melting Solutions can offer custom solutions for both new build and existing melting and heating equipment. This includes offering consultancy advice to ensure the customer obtains the best products for their expenditure.

During 2011, Melting Solutions became part of the Interpower Induction Group. This extended the range of equipment we offer and the industries we can support.

Induction Fluid and Gas Heaters

Melting Solutions have extended knowledge on Induction Heating systems for Fluid and Gas.

In principle Induction Fluid and Gas Heaters are three-phase mains frequency transformers with a primary winding and magnetic core. The secondary winding comprises of electrically shorted and thermally insulated heat exchanger coils of heat resisting steel tube.

The induction heating system has a wide range of benefits, here are just a few:

• Instantaneous start-up and shut down
• Compact
• Low thermal inertia
• Low heat loss
• Safe hazard area or standard industrial operation
• Minimum maintenance

Typical applications include:

• Air and Gas heating for Chemical and Food Processing
• Hot Oil Heating for Process and Edible Oils
• Vaporising and Superheating: Instant steam raising, low and high temperature / pressure (up to 800ºC at 100 bar)


Induction Heating For Vessels and Batch Reactors

Batch reactor vessel heating by electric mains frequency induction heating is the most advanced precision heating method available to any fluid processing company.

Due to the heating system being inherently simple and very reliable, the choice of heating by induction should be regarded as the preferred choice.

Melting Solutions Ltd has over 30 years experience in induction heating and has delivered vessel/batch reactor heaters to many countries all over the world.

Varying sizes with differing heat up rates can be offered as each vessel heater is bespoke to the customers needs.


• No physical contact between induction coil and heated vessel wall.
• Rapid start-up and shut-down. No thermal inertia.
• Low heat loss
• Precision product and vessel wall temperature control allows for minimal overshoot.
• High energy input. Ideal for automatic or micro-processor control
• Safe hazard area or standard industrial operation at line voltage.
• Pollution free uniform heating at high efficiency.
• Low running costs.
• Low or high temperature working.
• Simple and flexible to operate.
• Minimum maintenance required.
• Consistent product quality.
• Heater self-contained on vessel, allowing minimal floor space requirement.

Induction heating coil designs are available to suit metallic vessels and tanks of most forms and shapes in current use ranging from a few centremetres to several metres diameter or length. Mild steel, clad mild steel, solid stainless steel or non ferrous vessels can be successfully heated. Generally a minimum wall thickness of 6mm is recommended.

Induction heating embodies all the conveniences of electricity taken direct to the process and transformed to heat exactly where it is required. Since the heating takes place direct in the vessel wall which is in contact with the product, and the heat losses are extremely low, the system is highly efficient (up to 90%).

Typical industries using induction process heating:

• Reactors and kettles
• Adhesive and special coatings
• Chemical, gas and oil
• Food processing
• Metallurgical and metal finishing
• Equipment for which induction heating is ideally suited include:
• Batch Reactors and Kettles, Autoclaves, Process Vessels, Storage and Settling Tanks, Baths, Vats and Still Pots, Pressure Vessels, Vapourisers and Superheaters, Heat Exchangers, Rotary Drums, Dual Fuel Heated Vessels.

Our engineers have many years of experience evolving custom built induction heating systems for a wide range of applications in a wide range of industries. Heaters are designed to suit the exact requirements of the process and are constructed for quick fitting onto the vessel either in our works or on site.

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