Foam-Clear Technical Note – Agricultural

Minimising the foam during plant protection and foliar fertiliser product mixing and spraying processes is of utmost importance, as foam will reduce the efficiency of both the plant protection product and spray equipment. For this reason, KCC Basildon Chemicals have been working closely with partners in this industry to create high performance solutions to their foaming problems. A new product, Foam-Clear ArraPro-S has been developed to meet this demanding application.

Customer trials have shown that Foam-Clear ArraPro-S is superior at foam control in both
Fungicide SC and Fungicide EC systems, as well as excellent in Herbicide SL.


 Fungicide SC (aqueous suspension, low surfactant content)

 Fungicide EC (non-aqueous solution, high surfactant content)

 Herbicide SL (aqueous solution, high salt content, high surfactant content)

This technical note covers in-house application testing of Foam-Clear ArraPro-S in a range of
challenging media, for example ionic, non-ionic, high and low pH. Foam-Clear ArraPro-S was
tested against pertinent historical Basildon Chemical products to show the step change in
performance of this new product. This was assessed by evaluating the knockdown and
durability antifoam properties.

Products tested:
All samples tested were emulsions.

 ArraPro-S – for use in a wide range of plant protection formulations including
herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. It can also be used as a defoaming additive for
spray tank operations.

 FD20PK – for brewing, food processing and other applications where a quick
knockdown of foam is required.

 AR20 – for use in detergent and textile applications with durability under alkaline

 BC 2600 – for use in industrial applications where quick knockdown of foam is required.


Please view the full technical white paper from KCC Basildon in the link here ArraPro-S – Agricultural


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