Chemoxy celebrating our 150th year milestone…


Chemoxy International Ltd is one of Europe’s largest independent contract manufacturers is a member of the Novacap family, combining the speed and agility of a small/medium sized company with the health and safety and environmental performance of the best major chemical corporations.

Our Middlesbrough site has carried out distillation since 1868 and our Billingham site was added to the portfolio in 1994, with a major expansion was completed in 2014.

In addition to custom processing, our company manufactures a range of environmentally-friendly solvents which are used in the latest generation of paints and cleaning products.

The business has a large proportion of exports sales and employs over 140 highly skilled workers across the two sites. Chemoxy has a long established reputation for technical excellence, confidentiality and EH&S compliance.

We serve a diverse range of industries, including: specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, fuel and lube additives, household and personal care, flavour and fragrance, agricultural chemicals and surface coatings. Our performance products include Estasol® (low toxicity solvent) and Coasol® (low odour coalescing agent for paints). Whilst our personal care products selling under the brand name Chemoxycare® include Capryl Glycol, Dimethyl Adipate and Ethylhexylglycerin.

We like to build partnerships with our customers and to work very closely with their technical teams to develop innovative solutions for operating challenges. We enjoy long term relationships on many levels with our customers and we pride ourselves on our integrity, customer focus and reliability, amongst many other attributes.

Chemoxy’s History is a rich and detailed story stretching over 150 years of operating experience, seeing the creation of bespoke products and our own trademarked chemical products. The timeline on our website elucidates some of our bigger moments, but you can also read our news page to find out some of the smaller, more granular changes to our company and to the chemical industry in general.

The time and money invested in research and development at Chemoxy allows us to expand our toll manufacturing service and product range, as well as improve efficiency and improve health and safety measures. The following features inform and affect our research and development process:

  • Highly experienced scientists, with over 100 years (combined) experience in the chemical industry.
  • Well-equipped Laboratory, containing a range of fume cupboards with electricity, compressed air, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium and natural gas.
  • “Walk-in” fume cupboard for larger scale equipment.
  • Several high efficiency distillation columns in a purpose-built extracted Distillation Room.
  • Buchi pressure reactor, suitable for reactions including hydrogenations and methyl chloride chemistry.
  • A wide range of analytical equipment, including GCs, a GCMS, HPLC. FTIR, Ion Chromatogram and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.
  • Additional wet chemistry analytical instruments (Karl Fischer, Autotitrator pH meters etc.)
  • DSC/TGA for rapid assessment of reaction chemistry hazards and thermochemistry.
  • Simulation, using Chemcad to evaluate the scale up of these processes from batch to continuous operation.
  • The R&D chemists work closely with Development Engineers and Plant Managers to efficiently and safely introduce new processes to our plants. We have an excellent track record in scaling up R&D processes to the main plant units.
  • Analytical Techniques

We have both modern and traditional analytical techniques at our disposal, including:

  • Chromatography: HPLC, GC, GCMS, Ion Chromatography
  • Spectroscopy: FTIR, UV/Vis
  • Spectrometry: AAS, Flame Photometry
  • Wet Chemistry: HPLC, GC, GCMS, Ion Chromatography
  • General: Melting Point, Density, Viscosity, COD, Colour, Involatiles Determination, Flash Point and Boiling Range

Solvent Recovery Process Solutions

Chemoxy’s Solvent Recovery activities stem from a continuous collaboration with numerous industry leaders for the recovery of solvents and solvent by-products



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