PREA LTD (, is a Global Management Consultancy, owned and run by professionals, from & serving the chemicals and polymer industry. Established over 25 years ago, our headquarters are in Manchester, England with offices worldwide. We work with local small companies to large multinationals globally.

The business is divided into three sections:

1. International Management Consultancy
2. International Recruitment
3. International Technical & Polymer Consultancy

An example of product development from idea conception to market would be the new beverage can to possibly replace the conventional aluminium can.

• PREA has worked with the Commodum to develop a globally patented PET plastic lid for the plastic can for the beverage industry.

• The patent is in the opening and closing of the lid, in which once the can has been opened, there is a closure that can be applied, preventing the drink from being spilt and airborne contaminants e.g. insects from entering the can.

• The innovative opening/closure is more user friendly to operate, no more breaking nails.

• In addition the PET CAN with the plastic PET lid are environmentally friendly and can be 100% recyclable.

• The PET CAN, can be used for carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. This is a total revolution in which you can see the contents. The PET CAN can be printed on or have a sleeve.

• The tests carried out so far have been positive and the process is available for production.

The patent and the process is for sale globally.

Please contact Pravin Mistry, CEO directly on + 44 (0)7810 882 339 including weekends.

Pravin S Mistry

Global CEO
TEL: +44 (0) 161 207 8007