Brenntag Colours Ltd announces strategic developments to strengthen its colours and pigments offering.

Brenntag Colours Ltd, a long established UK distributor of performance colours and pigments to the material science industries worldwide, has announced a number of strategic developments which reaffirm the company’s commitment to providing technologically advanced added value solutions to the industrial colours markets.

The business has committed to funding REACH registration requirement for its portfolio of colours and pigments and extensive investments into operational facilities to support the growth strategy for Brenntag Colours into relevant industries.

Russel Argo, President of Brenntag UK & Ireland, said: “Our Brenntag Colours business is renowned for expertise in the industry developed over the past 20 years. We are committed to expanding the Brenntag Colours business, and as such we are pursuing a major new investment into the Reach registration of Brenntag ranges of colours and pigments, alongside further investments into our facilities and the skills of our teams, to support our ambitious long term strategy. It is our full intent to build on the brand advantage of Brenntag Colours to drive growth and innovation, continuing to be the centre of excellence for Industrial colours, and supporting the customer needs in the rest of Brenntag in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).”

Commenting on the appointment of Richard Heeley as Business Manager for Brenntag Colours, Argo said: “I am delighted to welcome Richard to this strategic position. The product management, technical and supply chain teams based in Halifax, UK, will continue to form an essential part of the business integration strategy for Brenntag EMEA, providing support to develop and grow the business through the numerous sales teams located throughout the Brenntag operational regions.”

To further strengthen and focus its industrial colours offering, Brenntag UK have announced the divestment and transfer of the paper dyes manufacturing division of Brenntag Colours Ltd to Waterside Colours. The core focus markets of Brenntag Colours Ltd, which include coatings, paper, board, plastics and janitorial industries along with all other applications, remain with Brenntag UK & Ireland.

A long term distribution agreement with Waterside Colours Ltd for the supply of products into Brenntag Nordic AB Sweden for the Nordic region, and with Brenntag UK for its major paper customers has also been agreed as part of the sale. Argo commented: “We have an outstanding track record and long standing partnerships across the industries we operate in, and are committed to further expanding our industrial colours footprint to support Brenntag’s strategic growth objectives.”

Brenntag Colours Ltd
Brenntag Colours Ltd is a long established UK distributor of specialty pigments and performance products to the material science industries.

The Brenntag Colours product portfolio offers the real added value solutions to the established colour industries, meeting the highest quality and compliance standards. The product ranges are under constant review and new product development to satisfy the increasing performance demands of industries. Thanks to the wide reach of the Brenntag Group distribution network, the products are made available through the extensive operating facilities throughout the world.

For more information about Brenntag Colours, please contact Richard Heeley, Business Manager, on +44 (0)1422 358431, or via email at