Recently CurTec started manufacturing drums and pots made of bio plastics. Biobased Packaging is a great alternative for companies whose core values include environmental sustainability and putting customer needs first.

More and more companies incorporate social responsibility into their business model. They are aware of their carbon footprint and strive to make their business more sustainable by investing in wind and solar energy, process innovation and raising environmental awareness of staff. But there are more options.

Have you ever considered shipping to customers in packaging from a renewable source? It also contributes to reducing carbon emissions and helps you to meet customer expectations. Biobased Packaging by CurTec makes it possible: they are manufactured of bio plastics and a sustainable alternative for packs made of regular plastics.

CurTec uses bio plastic made of sugarcane. Sugarcane is a renewable raw material and absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its growth which contributes to CO2 reduction. Also please read the article ‘A closer look at Biobased Plastics’

Biobased Packaging is made of >90% Bio HDPE (verified by the ASTM D6866 standard) and is just as high performance as all other CurTec pack types. Click below for more product details:

26 litre Wide Neck Drum    1000 ml Packo    1000 ml Packo with two-component lid

Please contact Inside Sales for more information about this brand new sustainable development.

Ends – by Marc Martens, CurTec International